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LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (202-450): 2 Web Services

The LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (202-450) course is designed for IT Professionals who are seeking the LPIC-2 certification. This series of courses from ITProTV covers the skills required of any intermediate to advanced systems administrator who is tasked with supporting Linux in a production environment. This course, second in the series, focuses on web services. Learn how to install the Apache web server and configure virtual servers in Apache. Find out how to redirect URLs and enable SSL encryption in Apache. Go over what you need to know about installing the Squid proxy server, restricting server access with Squid, and enabling user authentication in Squid. Plus, explore how to implement Nginx as a web server or as a reverse proxy.

Note: This course was created by ITProTV. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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