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Level Up: Go

Are you a Go engineer looking to exercise and improve your knowledge? This course with Adelina Simion provides fun challenges that span across a variety of technical topics to help you test your skills and gain confidence when writing Go code. Adelina presents 15 creative challenges, each focusing on a part of the Go standard library. The challenges are self-contained and range in difficulty, so you can solve them in any order. The first 10 challenges cover topics like dates, JSON, maps, and recursion. The last five challenges are all concurrency simulation challenges that will allow you to practice using goroutines and channels. If you’re looking to level up your Go programming skills, check out these challenges.

This course is integrated with GitHub Codespaces, an instant cloud developer environment that offers all the functionality of your favorite IDE without the need for any local machine setup. With GitHub Codespaces, you can get hands-on practice from any machine, at any time—all while using a tool that you’ll likely encounter in the workplace.

Each installment of the Level Up series offers at least 15 bite-sized opportunities to practice programming at various levels of difficulty, so you can challenge yourself and reinforce what you’ve learned. Check out the “Using GitHub Codespaces with this course” video to learn how to get a codespace up and running.

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