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AWS Management Console: Beginner’s Guide to Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers more than 200 management services. It can be overwhelming for new users to navigate. In this course, certified AWS re/Start instructor Uduak Sonuyi gives you a tour of the Management Console, including how to find services available only in specific regions, services available for managing and securing your AWS account, and resources available in the Management Console for training and certification. Uduak begins with a tour of the AWS Management Console, then shows you AWS Availability Zones (AZ), Regions, points of presence, and global infrastructure. She walks you through ways to manage and secure your AWS account and introduces you to EC2, one of the foundational services provided by AWS. Uduak explains how to create your free AWS training account and explores paths to AWS certification. She finishes up with useful tips on AWS support, blogs, and documentation, as well as resources to continue your learning journey.

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