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Learning StreamYard

Are you ready to elevate your brand with real-time happenings on the internet? Why not consider reaping the benefits of livestreaming by using a cloud-based livestreaming studio? In this course, instructor Jomarc Baquiran teaches you the essentials of StreamYard, the easy-to-use livestreaming studio that can redefine how you interact and share content with your audience.

Explore the basics of how to set up your studio so you can go live as soon as you’re ready. Learn about how to create streaming destinations, brand a broadcast, customize studio settings, and edit your stream. Find out how to send invitations to guests, curate and upload prerecorded video, and use StreamYard to repurpose content, facilitate meetings, and collaborate more effectively with your team. Jomarc gives you the skills you need to reach a larger audience, express your authenticity, elevate your brand, and open opportunities for new revenue with StreamYard. Plus, you can check out the StreamYard Users Community group on LinkedIn to connect with your fellow learners and continue to grow your StreamYard skill set.

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