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Learning Pixelmator

If you’re up and running with Pixelmator, but want a more comprehensive look at its image enhancement and design tools, this is the course for you. Pixelmator is a popular and affordable Mac OS X app, which offers support for Adobe file formats. With Pixelmator you can easily collaborate with other photographers and designers using the Creative Cloud. Join Rich Harrington for a tour of the complete Pixelmator workflow, including making accurate selections, performing targeted image adjustments, designing with text and shapes, retouching, masking, and making complex designs quickly with other effects. Rich also explores Pixelmator for iOS, which allows you to share projects between iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers and continue your work on the go. Once your project is finished, you’ll learn how to export files in several popular formats for sharing, posting on the web, or using in other software packages.

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