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Learning MainStage

If you’re a musician, producer, or anyone who makes music and are looking to integrate a computer into live performances, MainStage is an easy to learn, inexpensive software that also gives you access to the entire library of Logic Pro 10 sound content and software instruments. In this course, Julian Velard shows you all the techniques you need to get up and running with MainStage. He teaches how to build and save custom concerts, sets, and patches, and how to design your performance workspace to interface with MainStage during a live show. He covers how to use the playback and loopback plugins, and how to record your performances. Julian also points out the new features in MainStage 3, which mirror many of the powerful new aspects of Logic Pro 10. To show how MainStage works in a practical performance situation, Julian also takes you through two live performances.
So if you’re looking for a clean and easy way to use your computer onstage, this course is for you.

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