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ISTQB Foundation Exam Prep

Are you looking to move into the dynamic and exciting world of software testing? An ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certification can be one steppingstone on your journey. The ISTQB exams can be difficult to traverse without a solid understanding of the course material and the expectations of the exam board. In this course, instructor Michael Smith covers all these things. Michael explains key terminology that you will need to know for the ISTQB exams. After describing the principles, process, and psychology of testing, Michael goes into how software testing fits into the overall software development lifecycle (SDLC). He discusses static testing, a variety of test techniques, and helpful information on organizing, planning, monitoring, and managing your tests. Michael finishes up by showing you some test tool considerations and tips, as well as additional help in getting ready for the ISTQB Foundation Exam.

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