Technology, Data and Science

IoT Foundations: Standards and Ecosystems

The internet of things (IoT) includes billions of “smart things” that are connected to the internet. In this course, engineering instructor and educator Zahraa Khalil helps you understand the foundation of this rapidly changing and impactful subject. Zahraa gives you some basic definitions, then explains IoT architecture and components. She discusses the IoT ecosystem and how technology, markets, and standards feed into the ecosystem. Then Zahra deep dives into standards, including standards name format, standardization challenges, and more. This brings her to a discussion of IoT challenges, including security, privacy, complexity, and legal issues. Zahraa goes over the IoT ecosystem in industrial automation, focusing on how common IoT standards are used in an example smart factory. Plus, she explores where IoT is going, using Singapore and San Francisco as examples of cities that are adopting smart city initiatives and technology.

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