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iOS 16: iPhone and iPad Essential Training

If you’re looking for a new iPhone or iPad, or if you need to update an existing device, this course is for you. Garrick Chow shows you everything you need to know about iOS 16, the latest operating system for iPhone and iPad. Garrick provides in-depth guidance on all aspects of working with iOS devices. After showing you how to set up your account, he guides you through basics and goes over predictive text, selecting and modifying text, and using Live Text in photos. Garrick explains options to manage files and storage, as well as FaceTime, messaging, email, and surfing the web. He covers using the Music app, taking screenshots and recording your screen, using Maps, and managing your schedule. After discussing several more built-in apps, Garrick makes sure you know how to protect your device and yourself, use Siri, and troubleshoot your device.

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