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Improve Communication Using Lean Thinking

Communication is often a source of waste when people need to interact to get the job done. Since Lean is a way of thinking aimed at reducing or removing interruptions to the flow of value to your customer, why not adopt its powers to improve the process of communication? Author Sam Yankelevitch shows you how to apply the principles of Lean to boost your communication skills and improve your interactions with stakeholders and gain a competitive edge.

Explore the basics of approaching communication through a Lean lens, identifying common obstacles to success, minimizing your overall waste, and maximizing value creation with innovative Lean tools. Get an overview of key Lean methodologies, including value stream mapping, work instructions, Jidoka, Andon, A3 thinking, and the three Ms of waste: mura, muri, and muda. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to shift your mindset to Lean, communicating more efficiently and effectively in your role.

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