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How to Write a Marketing Plan

Every successful marketing campaign starts with a roadmap, an idea, and a plan for execution. In this course, digital marketing expert and instructor Goldie Chan teaches you—whether you’re a marketing professional or small business owner—how to write an effective, goal-driven marketing plan, from an initial idea all the way through its successful implementation.

Learn to assemble a cross-functional team, conduct a market analysis, position your brand and set your own goals, and break down the essential components of your plan into clear, focused sections. Get tips from Goldie on best practices for tactical implementation, with action-based strategies drawn from real-world studies and examples. Along the way, find out how to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), track your progress, and leverage social media scheduling tools such as Agorapulse and HubSpot to batch content, outsource content creation, and refine your plan as you go.

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