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GitHub Issues and Projects for Teams

With the plethora of issue-tracking tools out there, it can be challenging and confusing to plan and execute collaboration between and within teams. Github Issues, alongside Projects, can maximize autonomy and productivity within your organization, covering all points of a cross-functional team, including engineering, product, and design on one platform. In this course, instructor Teresa Luz Miller helps you help your team members learn how to effectively communicate with each other on the same platform to ensure productivity and collaboration is set across all levels of a team. Teresa guides you through the basics of creating an issue, using task lists, adding assignees, and linking pull requests. She shows you how to manage labels and milestones and use templates. Teresa goes over ways to manage issues, create a project, attach and remove existing issues, manage iterations, and more. Plus, she explains best practices for teamwork planning, as well as managing issues and projects.

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