Visual, Written and Performing Arts

Flight Club: Drones and the Dawn of Personal Aerial Imaging

Instructor: Romeo Durscher

New technologies lead to new creative outlets—and often to new careers. That’s the case in the skies above us, where a diverse mix of photographers, videographers, and technologists are pushing the capabilities of compact quadcopters to new heights. Consider the members of Flight Club, an informal group of aerial imaging gurus. Their backgrounds are diverse, but their love of aerial imaging and cutting-edge technology brought them together to fly copters, share knowledge, and push boundaries.

In this short documentary, Flight Club’s aerial imaging pioneers share their stories and their passion for this emerging art form. See how sophisticated cameras and gimbals have made high-quality aerial imaging more accessible than ever, how cutting-edge software can convert quadcopter footage into 3D maps, and how aerial imaging can help educators incorporate art into STEM curricula.

You’ll meet members who have helped fuel the aerial revolution, including Russell Brown, creative director at Adobe Systems; Eric Cheng, who took his expertise at underwater photography to the skies; Barry Blanchard, a jeweler and lifelong technologist; and Mark Johnson, who creates forensic visualizations for the legal field. And you’ll meet Romeo Durscher, who left a 13-year career at NASA to start an education program at DJI, the maker of the world’s most popular quadcopters.

These and other early adopters have helped bring about the new era of personal aerial imaging. This documentary celebrates both the tools and the spirit of lifelong learning and sharing that helps all new technologies grow and evolve.

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