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FinOps Essentials for Cloud Deployments

FinOps sits at the intersection of finance and cloud operations, where cross-functional teamwork is essential for success. When it comes to cloud computing, FinOps managers are responsible for overseeing cloud costs and building teams across engineering, product, finance, and more. In this course, instructor David Linthicum gives an overview of the basics of cloud FinOps, collaborating with ever-changing systems, and how to motivate data-driven financial decision-making to optimize business value.

Discover the key objectives and underpinnings of FinOps so you can get ready to start crafting your own plan. Learn how to develop an effective plan for cloud deployment, while ensuring that you include everyone who needs to be involved in the process. Get tips from David on cost optimization, cost analysis and forecasting, important automation considerations, compliance, and governance. Along the way, review core cloud FinOps concepts in action by exploring practical case studies drawn from cloud computing and enterprise management.

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