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Finale Essential Training

If you produce music for large bands or are a student looking toward a career in music production, then Finale is an essential piece of software for your professional toolkit. In this course, USC professor and digital music expert Rick Schmunk guides you through everything you need to know to get started. Get familiar with hardware and software setup, then go over basics like opening and importing files, using the Finale window, and more. Learn how to create lead sheets and simple documents, as well as how to notate music on a grand staff using a computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard. Explore the tools for notating choral and other polyphonic music and find out how to record real-time notation. Deep dive into features and functionality that enable you to work with scores, then step through exporting different types of files from Finale. Plus, Rick shares his thoughts on ways to build upon your knowledge in your own artistic and production pursuits.

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