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Everybody’s Introduction to Tableau

Since it was first released in 2003, Tableau has become one of the most widely used business intelligence platforms in the world. Its built-in tools and integrated functionality allow users to explore, manage, and visualize data with ease in a fully supported environment. From spatial maps to forecasts, interactive renderings, visual storytelling tools, and more, Tableau can help transform the way you make business decisions, regardless of your experience, education, or industry.

Join instructor Tim Ngwena in this nontechnical overview of the core components of the platform. Discover the value of business intelligence by exploring some of the most common Tableau tools, including Tableau Server, Tableau Cloud, Tableau Prep, CRM Analytics, Advanced Management, APIs, connectors, extensions, apps, and more. Along the way, Tim shares a handful of practical user insights drawn from real-world business examples.

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