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DevOps for Databases in Azure with MySQL and Terraform

If you’re already familiar with DevOps practices and are wondering if these methods can apply to databases as well, this is the course for you. In this project-focused course from CloudSkills, instructor Michael Levan reveals how DevOps for databases is not all that different from what you might already be doing. Michael starts off with some basics of DevOps for databases, like why it’s important, and the tools you use in DevOps today that can be used with databases. He then gets into the project, showing how to create a MySQL database with Terraform, and how to take that same Terraform configuration and automate, via CI/CD, the MySQL dataset creation with Azure DevOps. If you’ve been wondering why you might want to use DevOps for databases, this course provides some answers—you no longer have to hold up app delivery; collaboration between teams means better deployment outcomes, procedures, and automation—along with a project you can work on that illustrates these benefits.

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