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Designing the Learner’s Journey

Finding ways to engage learners on their individual learning journeys can be a bit like a “choose your own adventure” model of learning. If you’re not sure how to approach this model, you’re in luck! Expert instructional designer Michael Allen explores how you can use every learner’s time productively. Michael shows you how to focus your time and energy on what matters most, by focusing on content, experience, and the learner, and by demonstrating competency, confidence, and a joyful performance. He explains ways that self-efficacy, fear, stress, and disinterest can be learning blocks and how you can help learners overcome these learning blocks. Michael walks you through a powerful learner-centric instructional design method, then addresses characteristics that influence learning. Attitudes make a big difference in learning and performance, and this course can help you to design the learner’s journey in ways that help each learner to thrive.

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