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Design Powered by Data: Getting Started with UX Web Analytics

These days, data seems to drive everything, from what we watch or how we eat, to how entire companies conduct business. While you probably wouldn’t immediately think of design work when you think of data, this course with Lachezar Arabadzhiev shows how you can supercharge your design by using data analysis. Often times, it’s easy to get caught up in your own creative vision and ideas and forget to listen to your actual users to see how they feel. Lachezar shows why collecting user feedback is imperative to effective design. He starts with a few foundational web analytics concepts like event tracking and customer journey mapping, then explains key techniques like how to segment your data for better and more comprehensive analysis, and explores A/B testing techniques that can work with any tool or any platform. Listening to your users is a key part of creating a great user experience, so join Lachezar as he shows you how to optimize that data in your designs.

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