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Creating Your First Font with Fontself Maker

Whether you want to design a font for your small business, an event, or your passion project, this course can help you get started. Join instructor Nigel French as he helps you create your very first font using Fontself Maker, an extension for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that allows you to create OpenType fonts with minimum fuss. No prior knowledge of font design is required. Nigel demonstrates how to combine the power of Illustrator with Fontself Maker to create a variety of striking fonts. He shows how to make a hand-drawn font, explaining how to adjust your hand-drawn letters within Illustrator and then drag your letters, numerals, and punctuation into Fontself Maker to make your font. He also explains how to create a geometric font; add a new style, like bold or italics, to an existing Fontself font; turn your font characters into icons; and more.

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