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Creating Special Effects with InDesign

Are you looking to take your graphic design skills to the next level? Knowing how to create stunning effects InDesign can definitely help. In this course, instructor and InDesign expert Mike Rankin curates a fast-paced joyride full of user tips to help you become a more creative designer using InDesign special effects.

Get started with the basics of the Effects panel, the wide variety of blending modes, and outputting effects to print. Mike takes a deep dive into shadow effects including how to use drop shadows, simulate volume, create cast shadows, and blur objects to your desired level of focus. Along the way, find out how to leverage bevel, emboss, and frame effects as well as gradient and text effects for extra shine. Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to wield a new set of techniques for adding reflections, putting images in live text, making speech bubbles, and typesetting on a curve.

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