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Color and Cultural Connections

Join graphic designer and brand strategist Nicte Cuevas as she discusses the impact color has across cultures and how the hues we use in our branding and work can shift perception. Nicte explains how color can hold different meaning across global cultures. She discusses how color psychology can shift or shape purchasing influences or create a divide among cultures. She helps you understand how cultural misappropriation can create a divide in communities and affect the perception of any brand. Nicte points out how gendered marketing through color can shift across the world. She shares the importance of understanding the role color plays when it comes to cultural heritage, and how using the wrong hue can shift the meaning when you market on a global scale. She explains how brands can partner with communities and experts avoid misunderstandings related to color language. In conclusion, Nicte shares her thoughts on how you can use color and culture to truly connect with an audience.

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