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C# Test-Driven Development

The old carpentry adage “measure twice, cut once” may not seem applicable to programming, but when you consider all the ill effects that bad code can have down the line, doesn’t “test twice, code once” make sense? The later you test, the more effort it requires to fix any issues that may have been introduced months ago. With test-driven development, you create the test first, and then you write the code. In this course, Christian Wenz shows how to apply TDD principles to C# programming. Christian takes a look at TDD in theory (what does it mean and what does a programmer need to know?), as well as in practical terms (how do you use TDD for C#-based projects?). He also illustrates TDD in action by adding tests, offers advice to help programmers understand available frameworks, and looks at more complex scenarios for using TDD like testing web applications and APIs, and replacing database objects during a test.

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