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C# Essential Training 2: Generics, Collections, and LINQ

As one of the most popular programming languages, C# continues to make programming easier and more fun with each new version. In this course, instructor Matt Milner digs deeper into essential features of C#, such as generic types, collections, handling exceptions, asynchronous programming with tasks, and more. Matt begins with helping you understand and work with generic types, then moves on to understanding collection types, working with collections, and understanding concurrent collections. He walks you through handling different types of exceptions, including creating custom exceptions. Matt explains threading basics and shows you how to use async and await in the task based programming model. After covering delegates and events, he goes over the case for extension methods, as well as how to write and use an extension method. Plus, Matt discusses the goals of Language Integrated Query (LINQ), how to query collections with LINQ, and how to filter and order your queries.

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