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C# Essential Training 1: Types and Control Flow

Do you need to learn the essentials of C#? This two-part series shows you through all the basics. In this course, part one of the series, instructor Matt Milner shows you classes, structs, variables, and much more. Matt begins by placing C# in context with .NET, MSIL, and the Base Class Library. He walks you through understanding and working with classes, structs, and records. Then Matt shows you several useful techniques to organize your C# code. He discusses variables in-depth, then dives into how to define, enable, and test enums, as well as how to use nullable types and work with null objects. Matt goes over if, else, and switch statements and covers switch expressions, the is expression, and an introduction to patterns. Plus, he explains several types of patterns and describes how to use guard conditions to further refine your switch case matches.

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