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Building a Branded Local Community

Building communities and connections is inherent in human nature. From the time of tribal gatherings to social clubs and now through online groups, group interactions introduce us to new ideas, new people, and provide a sense of belonging. In this course, Anna McAfee explains that while the desire for community is a basic human trait, building communities takes effort, planning, and participation. Anna illustrates how to build local, chapter-based communities through her method called CAPES: Choose your cause; Activate a network of people; Play (develop rituals around gatherings); Engage your network and community in the short and long term; Scaling the community through partnerships and leadership development. Whatever your idea, from a local support group to a business initiative, the CAPES model can help you start, build, and maintain your community. So, if you’re looking to start building a community in your local area but aren’t sure where to start, join Anna in this course.

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