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Azure Data Lake for Developers

If there’s one thing that affects almost every aspect of our lives, it’s data. Personal data, demographic data, weather data, traffic data, and more—these days seemingly everything is analyzed using data. If you’re a developer, the amount of data being collected and used probably has you constantly asking two big questions: 1) How can you securely store this data, and 2) How can you do this without expenses skyrocketing? In this course, Carmel Eve gives you an overview of Azure Data Lake, a cost-effective storage option from Microsoft. Carmel starts with a look at Azure Storage—the technology upon which Azure Data Lake is built—and then discusses the advantages that Azure Data Lake provides on top of the capabilities of Azure Storage, so you know exactly what Azure Data Lake brings to the table. From there, she goes into more detail around hierarchical namespaces, accessing data within Azure Data Lake, and the security model.

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