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Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900) Cert Prep: 4 Analytics Workloads on Azure

Is the Azure Data Fundamentals certification part of your plan to become a data engineer, database admin, or data scientist? In this course, instructor Gregor Suttie offers a thorough primer on analytics workloads on Azure. Gregor introduces you to the common elements of a modern data warehouse, then goes over the difference between batch and streaming data, as well as technologies for real-time analytics in Azure. He covers data visualization in Microsoft Power BI, including what you can do with Power BI, some main features of data models in Power BI, and appropriate visualizations for data. After showing you how to put what you have learned into practice with a Microsoft Power BI demo, he finishes up with advice on where to learn more. This course maps to the “Describe an analytics workload on Azure” objective for the DP-900 exam: Azure Data Fundamentals. It is also part of a study plan for those preparing to pass this foundational-level exam.

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