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AutoML: Build Production-Ready Models Quickly!

All across the world, businesses are turning to machine learning to solve highly complex problems. As a result, knowing how to build ML models has become a sought-after technical skill. In this course, instructor Akintunde Oluwatobiloba Oladipo shows you how to build production-ready machine learning models quickly and easily, without making errors, using automation to optimize your workflows.

Learn the essentials of how and why machine learning has become such an indispensable tool for leaders and teams. Find out more about how to use AutoML tools to meet business-critical objectives and boost your productivity. Akintunde pulls examples for working with tabular, image, and text data sets. Test out your new skills along the way with hands-on practice challenges at the end of each section. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to set bigger and bolder business objectives, using AutoML modeling tools as your analytic guide.

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