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Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) can be a key tool in a marketer’s toolbox—and, importantly, it’s quickly becoming known as the “heart of the metaverse.” As consumer expectations shift rapidly, and a great number of people expect experiences that blend the digital with the virtual, this immersive technology is becoming a must-have, instead of a nice-to-have. However, many marketers remain unsure of how to start using it as well as how to design and launch an AR marketing strategy as they explore the metaverse landscape.

In this short introductory course, AR expert Cathy Hackl outlines the foundational knowledge that you need to incorporate this immersive technology into your marketing strategy. Cathy steps you through using AR as a marketing tool, identifying how to add it to your mix, defining your brand’s identity with AR, and building a campaign that’s ready to implement. Plus, she shows you how to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

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