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ASP.NET Core: Working with Azure Tables

After an app is developed and made available to users, making drastic database changes is an almost impossible task unless your data storage is nonrelational. Using nonrelational storage such as Azure Table storage makes it easy to change the database structure if you need to— without breaking the app. In this course, instructor Ervis Trupja helps you get up to speed with Azure Table storage, explaining how to work with it in an ASP.NET Core application using the Cosmos DB Table API. Ervis goes over the differences between SQL and NoSQL databases, as well as what Azure Table storage has to offer. He steps through how to set up Azure Table storage in an ASP.NET Core application. He also explores how to add, update, read, and delete data from tables in Azure Table storage. To wrap up, Ervis covers how to replicate Azure Table storage data globally, allowing users around the world to access your data without experiencing latency.

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