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Adapt and Thrive: Change Management Skills Every Project Manager Needs

For project managers, change management has become an integral, in-demand skill that’s becoming even more important in times of uncertainty. A recent search on LinkedIn showed 400,000 job openings demanding change management expertise. This course covers the essential skills that every project manager should know in light of these pressing market demands. Antonio shares insights into why specific projects soar while others stumble, using real-life case studies highlighting actionable, practical techniques to give you the edge in today’s dynamic project landscapes.

Learn how to lay the foundations of change to understand the value of change in project management. Antonio shows you how to both plan and execute your own change management plan while assessing risks and communicating changes with your organization. Finally, he provides guidance on closing and post-project reflections to ensure your next change project goes even smoother.

Note: This course was created by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and CRFT Productions. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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