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11 Tips for .NET 6

Microsoft .NET is equipped with so many libraries and APIs that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all. Even if you’ve been a .NET developer for years, you probably still encounter features that you didn’t know were there. Now’s the time to get your skills up to speed in this approachable course with instructor Walt Ritscher, exploring eleven key coding tips to boost your know-how in .NET 6.

Ramp up your developer skills today to improve your performance or land a new job. Learn the most essential, easy-to-use tricks to get the most out of the .NET experience, including single file deployment, SelectMany, DateOnly, Humanizer, ReadOnlyCollection, .Combine, fake test data with Bogus, adding version endpoints, counting Unicode string characters, ToLookup, and Zip files. Upon completing this course, you’ll be ready to tackle your next .NET coding challenge more efficiently, quickly, and with ease.

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