Academic Tips for a Great Career in Tech

Hey, my name is Thao Pham, Technology, Data & Science Career Community Fellow! Welcome to our first Career Insight Series! Here is where we’ll be sharing career insights collected from each of our alumni, discussing interview tips, career preparation, and …

By Thao Pham
Thao Pham Peer Career Fellow: Technology, Data and Science and Financial Services, Consulting and Business
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DU Something this Summer

“Did you get an internship? Oh, then I guess you have other summer plans?”

Let’s face it; we get asked these questions A LOT. With Denison’s rigorous and well-rounded academic curriculum and a comprehensive list of resources, including the Knowlton …

By Sarah Moon
Sarah Moon Drop-In Peer Coach
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Heather’s Picks in Healthcare and Clinical Research: Opportunities, Jobs & Internships Week of 4/5

If you’ve been accepted to medical, veterinary, or dental school for Fall 2022, don’t miss the opportunity to apply for scholarships!   ($23,000 worth thanks to generous donors!)
2022 Miller and Silbernagel Awards

Deadline: Tuesday, April 12, 2022: 9 am

By Heather Johnston Welliver
Heather Johnston Welliver Career Coach
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Tips on how to get a last minute internship

Are you still looking for an internship for the summer? Finding an internship in a short period isn’t that easy. Whether you have been searching and haven’t found a good fit yet, or are just starting to explore your career …

By Shivika Churiwalla
Shivika Churiwalla Peer Fellow: Financial Services, Consulting, & Business
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Students Get EXPERIENCE w/ Praxis In the Arts!

From The Columbus Museum of Art to commercial photography in California to design experience for art magazines…. here’s what a few of your fellow Studio Art majors have experienced through internships- thanks to Praxis In The Arts!

Charlie Song, a current senior, worked for …

By Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson Career Coach and Community Lead, Visual, Written and Performing Arts
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