Journey: Set Yourself up for Career Success

Take a moment and imagine your future self;  the future version of you, who has graduated from Denison and is beginning the next phase of your life.  How does it feel to think about this?    Do you feel Excited?  Unsure?  Stuck?  Overwhelmed?   All of the above?  Trust us,  you are definitely NOT alone. The Denison Journey Program is designed to help you think about your future with excitement, possibility, and promise and support you in breaking down the steps to get there into small, manageable pieces. The experience is split into four workshops that build upon one another to not only help you build clarity around what you might want to do with your career but also give you the tools and resources you need should you decide to explore a different path in the future.

  • Reflect: You will spend time reflecting on your past experiences to help you discover and articulate your unique skills, abilities, and values
  • Imagine:  You will look to the future and imagine all the possibilities and pathways you could take and begin to narrow down interest areas
  • Plan:  You will create a personalized roadmap to intentionally develop skills, networks, and experiences that will help you reach your goals
  • Build:  You will learn how to leverage the tools, resources, and opportunities available to you to continue to adjust and refine your career plans

Register for the next upcoming session: Virtual Program:  January 9-12 | 10-Noon ET

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