GitHub Advice from Jon Sullivan’17

Ryan Brechbill from our Employer & Alumni Relations Team and I spoke with Denison Alum, Jon Sullivan ’17, last week. Jon graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in Music Performance. He is a Senior Software Engineer for Agent Pronto. During our meeting, Jon provided insight into the importance of a fleshed-out GitHub profile. Below are some profiles he highlighted to help you stand out!

Jon Sullivan’17 – Senior Software Engineer: Agent Pronto

Example of a stock profile from GitHub when you sign up:

He shared a couple of examples of people he felt added some content but didn’t have a ton going on. Jon said there is nothing wrong with these, and it is better to have something than nothing.

Jon considered these to be great profiles. He said, “There is not too much going on, but definitely more than the prior examples and a nice splash page for who this person is as a developer, researcher, data analyst, etc.”

Jon mentioned that “these are profiles that quickly strike me as ‘doing too much.’ My reaction to most of these is thinking that the person is likely bolting on more and more profile widgets and content to distract from the likelihood that they don’t actually have that compelling of projects. A profile is important, but it should always point to the great work you’ve done that can be showcased by example.”

Here are some examples of these profiles:

Lastly, Jon is open to students reaching out and connecting with him. Connect with him via  for any questions.

By Blake Gooch
Blake Gooch Assistant Director - Technology, Data & Science Career Community