Granville Township Fire Department EMT Internship Spotlight: Anna Munro ’24

The Granville Township Fire Department EMT Training & Internship is currently accepting applicants for Summer 2023! Apply here. The deadline is March 8, so don’t delay!

Intern Program Description:

The GTFD Denison Internship Program will include training and on the job experiences as an EMT. The internship is being created to tailor the training and education to benefit the student that has medical or emergency medical ambitions.

Housing through Denison is available as well as eligibility for the Denison Internship Program Stipend.

Anna Munro ’24 completed this internship last summer. She reflects on her experience here:

What were the highlights of the Granville EMT internship?

The entire internship was an incredibly rewarding experience, but a highlight was being able to get to know the first responders that are frequently on campus responding to fire alarms, or student emergencies. They’re an amazing group of people who are passionate about what they do. Another highlight of the internship was being able to do ride-alongs in Columbus and getting to experience emergencies in a large city with a level-1 trauma center.

How do you feel like this internship helped you with your professional goals?

This internship allowed me to explore the field of emergency medicine and it not only helped affirm that I want to pursue a career in the medical field, but specifically a career in trauma. I also think that this internship gave me a strong base of knowledge to carry with me when I graduate, and I hope to become an advanced-EMT prior to attending school to become a physician’s assistant.

Why would you recommend others apply for the Granville EMT internship?

I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the medical field or anyone who has an interest in emergency medicine. It can be daunting, especially because you never know how you’re going to react to your first big run, but it’s so worth it in the end. I met amazing people throughout this process as well as gained a lot of confidence in myself. 

How was the Granville EMT internship challenging?

The internship was challenging in a lot of different ways, some ways that I definitely didn’t expect. The physician training and classroom work could be difficult at times, but never impossible. The unexpected challenge came with more difficult runs. There are emergencies that can be hard to process, so going into this experience knowing you might see something scary or incredibly sad is important. 

By Heather Johnston Welliver
Heather Johnston Welliver Career Coach