Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Morton ’22

Introducing Hannah Morton! Hannah graduated from Denison in 2022 as a double major in Psychology and Educational Studies. After graduation, she moved to Boston to pursue her masters in school psychology at Northeastern University, while also working as an Undergrad Admissions Visitor Center Assistant at Northeastern. In this role she works with non-profits around the city and Boston Public Schools, where she organizes trips to Northeastern, accommodations for groups, and manages tour guides. Hannah quickly realized that her masters program was not for her, and found much more room for growth at her job in the undergraduate admissions office.

Hannah has since been promoted to Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, and in this role she has become an admissions counselor who works with different territories across the world and in the US. She currently represents New Jersey and Hong Kong. Hannah is also a liaison for the college of arts, media, and design. Working in higher education was a path that Hannah did not plan to go down, but she is so glad that she did.

Hannah has lots of advice for students who may find themselves going down a different path than expected. She says to “listen to other people’s advice – don’t be stubborn. Take the time to slow down and find out what’s out there. You’ll never know what’s out there until you take the time to find it.” Hannah always knew that she wanted to travel and work with students, and has now found a way to do both!

If students are interested in working in higher education, Hannah says that they should be open to trying any job in the field to expand their repertoire. She gives credit to Denison for setting her up so well, learning how to be organized, and developing a good work ethic. If students are interested in learning more about Hannah or her work in higher education, feel free to message her on LinkedIn!

By Grace Buller
Grace Buller Peer Career Coach and Peer Fellow: Nonprofit, Education and Government Career Community