Student Perspective: Studying for the MCAT using the free Kaplan course

The idea of studying for the MCAT was always something very daunting to me. I didn’t know when or how to start studying and I knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to buy an MCAT prep course, which are usually thousands of dollars. Luckily, I heard about Denison’s partnership with Kaplan just in time for me to sign up for it. Thanks to this amazing partnership any junior or senior that is planning to take the MCAT, LSAT or the GRE within the next year can receive a complete Kaplan test prep course. 

I began using the course and studying during winter break and plan on continuing to study throughout the spring semester. The amount of content and study resources that I have through Kaplan is amazing and I am so grateful that I get to access it for free. At the start of the test prep course the system generated a study schedule for me based on my goals: when I plan to take the MCAT, how many hours per week I want to study, and if there are any days I want off from studying. It then makes my schedule with tasks to do each day for studying. Kaplan has an abundance of resources that I can use through the prep course. Beyond the live lessons from MCAT professionals where I am able to ask questions live, there are daily content review sessions that I can access, hundreds of MCAT style questions for extra practice beyond the ones built into my weekly schedule, multiple practice exams built into my schedule, flashcards that I can use, and content books if I want to review a topic more in depth.

Having access to this prep course has really helped decrease the anxiety that I feel about taking the MCAT. I am confident that with all of these resources and with the science behind the way that Kaplan has made the prep course, I am capable of doing well on the MCAT when I take it in a few months. 

Interested in gaining free test prep similar to Fernanda? Fill out the Kaplan All Access Test Prep interest form by February 10th, 2023 by 4pm Eastern in order to be eligible! Learn more and access the form on Knowlton Connect’s Financial Resources page.

By Fernanda Aiala
Fernanda Aiala Peer Career Fellow: Healthcare and Clinical Research