H-1B Visa Sponsor Databases on GoinGlobal

GoinGlobal Series – Part 1

Are you looking for reliable information regarding jobs and internships in another country? Or are you an international student looking for employment in the United States and looking for companies willing to sponsor H-1B visas? Check out GoinGlobal for a comprehensive database of global job opportunities and H-1B visa information!

GoinGlobal offers information on over 30 countries worldwide, including work permit/visa regulations, resume guidelines, employment trends, salary ranges, and cultural/interviewing advice.

GoinGlobal has an extensive and comprehensive dataset dating all the way back to 2009. GoinGlobal’s H-1B Plus database lists the companies that have previously sponsored an H-1B visa, according to the US Department of Labor.

How can GoinGlobal benefit you as a student?

a. Domestic Students:

  • Information on working abroad
  • Provides specific information about individual countries 

b. International Students:

  • Identifies US employers that hire students who require visa sponsorship
  • Provides job postings for opportunities that require visa sponsorship

Logging In

GoinGlobal is a resource that is supported by the Knowlton Center.

Access through Knowlton Connect

  • Step 1: Go to knowltonconnect.denison.edu and sign in with your Denison credentials.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Identity Communities tab and select International Students.
  • Step 3: Once you’re on the International Students page, scroll down to the Knowlton Center Career Tools section and select GoinGlobal > View Resources.

Access GoinGlobal Directly


On the GoinGlobal home page, click on H-1B/OPT > H1B Plus. Using the search tools, you can find more information about salary ranges by company name, occupation, industry, and job title. The database also contains certified visa application records from 2009 to the present, as well as employers who have hired international employees with similar job titles and skill sets in the past.

H-1B Visa Search Options

To search for companies potentially hire international talent,

  • In the main navigation, click the “H-1B/OPT” button.
  • You can search for jobs by job title or keyword.
  • Fill up the search form with a company, year(s), or location.
  • Select “Search.”

Learn more about how to find career opportunities on GoinGlobal’s H1B Plus here!

Note: To access this resource, you must first log in using your Denison credentials.

By Holly Duong
Holly Duong Peer Career Fellow: Technology, Data and Science