Job Opportunities with FiscalNote

FiscalNote is a global technology & advisory company that provides companies like PepsiCo and Uber the intelligence to grow their business as well as mitigate against market risks. FiscalNote is looking for entry-level talent in Business Development, Customer Success, Account Management, and more. The FiscalNote team will be hosting an hour-long session to brief any interested 2022 graduates as well as discuss their experiences while at Denison and how it has translated into their careers.  Join us for that event virtually on April 5 at 4:30 pm.

What Denisonians have to say about working at FiscalNote

Taylor Dlouhy ‘10
When it came down to deciding where I wanted to attend college, at first, Denison was never on my radar. I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have ever made both from my 4 years on the Hill as well as now having over a decade of professional experience under my belt. What Denison teaches not just in the classroom but across your many experiences on campus are invaluable. Not to mention, the Denison Alumni network is one of the strongest I have ever seen! I am not biased, I promise. I have made a lot of long-lasting personal and professional connections that have tremendously helped throughout my career so far.

I spent my first 10+ years in technology services business development at a start-up (whose CEO is a Denison grad!). I have now been with FiscalNote for almost two years, where I work on the Enterprise Business Development team. We work with high-profile clients like Uber, Nestle, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and many more, to help provide solutions in the Public Policy space. In the past year alone, FiscalNote has acquired over 11 global businesses where we have expanded our footprint to places like Singapore and Sydney. It’s an extremely rewarding and exciting place to be a part of. Our journey of growth has just really started, where much of our future success is going to be predicated upon that next “class” of employees. I am pushing to grow our FiscalNote Denison contingent (we are 4 strong so far!) so I hope you consider attending our session.

Chase Summers ‘21
I graduated from Denison in 2021 with a degree in Global Commerce. Out of school, I went out west and backpacked through Wyoming and the Pacific Northwest as I thought through what career path I wanted to take. During this time I networked with alumni in various cities and industries to hear their journeys and advice they had. In doing so, I discovered that I wanted to be in a client-facing role, working for a startup that challenged him from day one. Through Denison’s network, I connected with Taylor Dlouhy, a Denison alumni working for FiscalNote, a software technology company based out of Washington D.C.  I am currently working as a Sales Development Representative for FiscalNote, helping to connect businesses to the fast-changing landscape of legislative/regulatory policy developments coming out. Here I identify the most effective ways FiscalNote can partner with clients to provide in-depth analysis in the jurisdictions they work within. I credit my time in Global Commerce as a key contributor to having a strong understanding of the ESG lens companies look at the world through.

When determining your next steps, I advise Denison students to not be afraid to talk to the people that have come before them. We have walked in your shoes on the hill before and know what it takes to go from a small liberal arts school in Ohio to any career path you want to take. Just remember this isn’t the final decision in your career, it’s the beginning, so don’t be worried about finding the perfect job, just find one that challenges you to grow.

Jon Slabaugh ‘87 
I graduated from Denison in the spring of 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and an awkwardly thin résumé.  Today I am the CFO at FiscalNote, an innovative software and information company.  My personal journey has been guided by Denison’s liberal arts curriculum and the intellectual curiosity developed through lively engagement with faculty and other students. As the CFO, I manage teams responsible for all internal and external financial reporting, capital markets activities, communications with our investors and board, executing FiscalNote’s merger and acquisition strategy, and holding the executive team accountable for the company’s performance.

At FiscalNote, we turn insight into action every day by applying AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to the world’s complex regulatory and policy landscapes.  We create mission-critical intelligence tools for key decision-makers, serving all branches of the US Government, foreign governments, Fortune 1000 companies, small businesses, and NGOs alike.  FiscalNote’s products are a source of truth on all policy matters – from hyper-local environmental and minimum wage statutes to global trade regulations.

Recognizing diversity and individual contributions is central to FiscalNote’s values-based culture.  Our company embraces its vibrant software start-up identity.  At FiscalNote you will quickly learn through engaging with the company’s senior leadership team and you will interact directly with our high-profile customers.  Our management team is quick to identify top performers and help rising stars develop exciting career paths, taking on additional responsibility.

After a long absence from the hill, I now return often to watch my freshman daughter play on the women’s lacrosse team.  GBR!

Brian Wilkins ‘01
It’s hard to believe but I’ve now been a resident of the Washington DC area for 21 years having started my career in sales and account management right after 9/11. At Denison, I was an  Economics major and 2-time captain of the Lacrosse team and honestly, I didn’t really know what I wanted to pursue after school. I had done several internships in the DC area and realized that I love all the area had to offer, so when I went on my job search, DC was at the top of my list. Fast forward 2 decades and I’ve now landed at an incredibly exciting and fast-paced growth tech and services company in FiscalNote.

At FiscalNote, I am the VP of Sales for an executive membership company under their umbrella called . I have an amazing team of 20 and growing (we are hiring!) who are making a meaningful impact with the clients we serve. The diverse learning experience you gain at Denison provides a really nice recipe for sales. You develop critical thinking and analytic skills that help you bring empathy and awareness in approaching problems. Combine this with the dedication and drive that it takes to be involved in the many extracurriculars Denison has to offer from sports to clubs, and more, well you really have a nice set-up for a successful career.

If DC/Austin (Headquarters of and technology companies are on your radar I would highly encourage you to check out FiscalNote and as we are growing extremely fast and a place where we invest tremendously in talent. Everyone wants the start-up feel but with that comes risk (been there), but FiscalNote/ are beyond that phase but still maintain the buzz AND professional growth that so many employees seek. We hope to hear from you!

By Melanie Murphy
Melanie Murphy Director, Career Communities and Coaching