Heather’s Picks in Healthcare and Clinical Research: Events, Jobs & Internships Week of 3/21


If you’ve been accepted to medical, veterinary, or dental school for Fall 2022, don’t miss the opportunity to apply for scholarships!   ($23,000 worth thanks to generous donors!)
2022 Miller and Silbernagel Awards
Deadline: Tuesday, April 12, 2022: 9 am



So you want to be a therapist? Alumni Panel: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/events/983830

Thursday, March 24th 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

If you have ever considered a career in therapy, please join us for this alumni panel discussion to learn about the various educational pathways available for working with clients. Hear from alumni and friends of Denison about working in psychology, counseling, school psychology, social work and more.

Alumni in Healthcare: A Panel Discussion: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/events/1006897
Tuesday, March 29th 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Interested in a career in healthcare after Denison? Attend this panel, co-sponsored by the Biology Department, to gain insight from Denison alumni. Learn about their pathway from Denison to Career, ask questions, and move forward towards your goals!

Podiatric Medicine Open House at Kent State University:

Saturday, April 9 10 am-1 pm

Discover why so many students are becoming foot and ankle physicians/surgeons at KSU.  Learn about this specialty that combines surgery, sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage, dermatology, radiology, and more!  Find out more here



Ovarian Screening Research Program-University of Kentucky Ovarian Screening Program: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/5970512?ref=16-dashboard

Paid Summer Internship Program at City of Hope: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6206889

Ethics and Compliance Intern with MetroHealth System via Summer on the Cuyahoga: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6052993

Institute for H.O.P.E. Public Admin/Health Services Intern with MetroHealth System via Summer on the Cuyahoga: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6087046

Cancer Care Intern with MetroHealth System via Summer on the Cuyahoga: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6093962

Family Practice Intern with MetroHealth System via Summer on the Cuyahoga: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6198758

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – Summer Treatment Program (STP): https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/5938346



Public Health Advocate II – Hybrid Schedule (Boston Community Health Workers for COVID Response and Resilient Communities): https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6200575

UCSF Staff Research Associate 2 – HIV Research – Hunt Lab UCSF Division of Experimental Medicine: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6207975

Microbiology Lab Technician at Katalyst Healthcare & Life Sciences: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6037657

Community Health Educator at UnitedHealth Group: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6024734

Wellness Coach at Health Advocate: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6142695

Clinical Research Coordinator at Duke University Health System: https://denison.joinhandshake.com/edu/jobs/6124788

By Heather Johnston Welliver
Heather Johnston Welliver Career Coach