Internship Spotlight: Sophia Alexander ’22

Name: Sophia Alexander

Major(s): Communication, Educational Studies

Class Year: 2022

Organization Name: Acushnet Company / Titleist Golf

Intern Title: Golf Ball Fitting & Education Specialist Intern

Describe your internship roles, responsibilities and significant contributions.

In my internship this summer, my primary role was connecting with golfers and providing accounts with an enhanced Titleist brand and golf ball experience. I traveled across the Northeast region, visiting different golf courses to provide golf ball education, fitting and merchandising to golfers and golf club staff. I worked closely with the local Titleist Sales Representatives to plan, schedule, and execute 50 golf ball fitting events. I was able to individually fit over 4,500 golfers in a 3-month time span based on verbal feedback and product knowledge. Additionally, I relocated to a new home-base in Buffalo, New York which is eight hours away from my home in Indiana. This internship brought me both professional and personal experience through living on my own, navigating the traveling lifestyle and balancing my extremely individualized role.

How did your internship aid in your career exploration or decision making?

I went into the internship search with a wide range of interests and a very basic understanding of the business world. I was able to leverage the connections I have made through my involvement on the Denison golf team to find this wonderful opportunity. It gave me great practice in navigating my networking skills, as well as using what I am knowledgeable about to find job opportunities. Before being introduced to this internship, I hadn’t put much thought into going into the golf business. However, after reflecting on my interests and noting my passion for health and athletics, my mind was opened to the vast industry that is filled with many different career paths. Going into the summer, I hoped that this position would help me deepen my understanding of the golf industry, as well as navigate my personal interests in the working world. Upon completion of my internship, I am happy to say that it thoroughly brought me these things and even more. It gave me professional experience through the day to day challenges of learning how to navigate a traveling position while living in a completely new city. I was also able to work hands-on in the golf industry which gave me a clear view of the complexities and wide range of positions available. While I had a blast exploring different cities and golf courses within my territory, by the end of the summer I realized that working directly with golfers isn’t exactly what excites me about the industry. I am much more excited by the business and marketing side that focuses more on branding and product promotion. I grew deeply passionate about Titleist’s products and can invasion myself working creatively within the industry. I now feel very prepared as I begin to navigate my job search process. I feel much better after spending the summer with such great teammates and mentors!

What advice do you have for future interns?

My biggest advice to future students would be to use your resources and personal connections to find opportunities. Many people told me this as I was beginning my own internship search, but I quickly realized this truth. I would recommend thinking about your interests and try to seek opportunities that will connect to the things that make you excited. I would also suggest being very open-minded about any opportunities that come to you. Internships are beneficial in helping students navigate their professional interests and skills. Any type of experience will be valuable when pursuing a career after graduation.

Aside from your internship, are there other tools, resources or programs that have supported your career exploration?

I would absolutely recommend that Denison students seek help from the Knowlton Center. I felt very overwhelmed going into the internship search process but was quickly comforted after working one-on-one with a career coach. They aided in directing me to resources, helping me navigate networking sites and gave feedback on my resume. I have continued to meet with my coach as I have gone through each phase of the career search process. I am so thankful to have had this support. We are so lucky to have the Knowlton Center as a resource to guide us through the seemingly daunting process!

By Sophia Alexander
Sophia Alexander Internship Experience, Sophia Alexander '22