Reflections on the Journey Program

Name: Jorden Anfinson
Class Year: 2024
Majors: Data Analytics & Computer Science

I am writing to tell you a little about my experience with the Journey Program. For those who do not know, the Journey Program is a four-session program designed to help students plan to best utilize their time at Denison in respect to their educational and career goals.

I feel as though it is easy to blow off thinking about what you want in a career and in your future unless you force yourself to think about it. I think we all avoid thinking about it at times because it can be scary and overwhelming to think about what you want three to four years in the future. Personally, I found that in order to reduce the worry I had about my future, I needed to think about it even more.

The Journey Program served as a great setting for me to force myself into thinking about what I wanted to do, and how I would get there. Throughout the program, I completed exercises designed to get me thinking about what I needed to do both at Denison and in my own time in order to get to where I wanted to go. These exercises helped me get a much clearer image of my path toward the career and life I desire. That is not to say that there is only one path. I was also prompted to think of different paths for myself based on my other interests and what my life would look like if I went down those paths. This helped me become more confident that things will work out for me regardless of whether I achieve my primary career goal.

Additionally, I feel as though I benefitted greatly from simply being introduced to some of the great resources that Knowlton Center provides through the program. I was also able to get better connected with the staff in the Knowlton Center, and this made it easier to reach out to those staff members after the program. I have since continued to work with them in preparing my resume, searching for internships, and practicing for interviews.

The Journey Program helped me become much more confident in my path going forward. I highly recommend that any sophomore or junior feeling uncertain about their future career-wise partake in the program. I hope you find it as beneficial as I did.

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By Ashley Strausser
Ashley Strausser