Internship Spotlight: Riley Bel Bruno

Name: Riley Bel Bruno
Major(s): Communication
Class Year: 2022
Organization Name: Guidepoint (NYC)
Intern Title: Business Development Associate

Describe your internship roles, responsibilities, and significant contributions.
In this role, I was responsible for using Linkedin Navigator (a recruiting program) and SalesForce to find new clients that would be interested in using Guidepoint services. The clients I worked with were CEOs and CFOs at Fortune 500 companies. Once I identified a prospective client my job was to reach out and make a pitch, this typically happened via email or phone. If the pitch was successful I would act as the liaison and support my supervisor by leading an introductory call, where the VP of sales would gather information about the client’s needs and then make a personalized plan. Beyond creating new business opportunities, I was also responsible for retaining existing and outdated client projects.

How did your internship aid in your career exploration or decision-making?
This internship completely changed my career trajectory. I fell in love with the company, the culture, the mission, and the people. While my day-to-day work was challenging and at times redundant, this opportunity taught me the importance of enjoying where you work and who you work with, just as much as the job itself. I will be returning to Guidepoint for a full-time position after graduation because of the relationships and memories I made with the company this past summer. I cannot wait!

What advice do you have for future interns?
Your career begins the day you enter college, so your career exploration should be prioritized similarly to your course work. The best advice I can give is to multitask and balance academic work with career planning throughout college. If you have a busy week, set some time aside to connect with people on LinkedIn, engage with your feed, and make an appointment to meet with someone at the Knowlton Center. If you have a lighter week, conduct an informational interview with alumni, edit your resume, and begin searching for internships. There is plenty of work that goes into acquiring an internship, so do yourself a favor and spread it out. Create a checklist and get a few things done each week. Remember, networking is one of the greatest tools when finding internships, and networking requires working around other people’s schedules. Leaving this process to the last minute will limit your network and therefore your opportunities. If you continue to work on your career endeavors diligently throughout the year, then you will set yourself up for success.

Aside from your internship, are there other tools, resources, or programs that have supported your career exploration?
If you are a sophomore or Junior I highly recommend attending the Career Planning Workshop in January. Two years ago this course gave me an in-depth foundation to the career search progress. I was given the tools to launch an independent career search which made all the difference in acquiring internships. Instead of making an appointment every time I had a question, this program gave me the answers. If you are at all uncertain about your career future, then this event is for you. You will walk away feeling confident and prepared.

By Riley Bel Bruno
Riley Bel Bruno Drop-In Peer Coach