Maintaining Mental Health

While heading into winter finals, maintaining and prioritizing mental health can be extremely challenging. By this point in the semester, the workload tends to pile up, and for pre-health students, cumulative science finals tend to cause lots of stress and anxiety. It is easy to stay up late every night cramming for exams, and putting off your mental health needs until break. However, it is critical to prioritize your mental well being in order to be a successful student and a happy, healthy human in general. This is a pre-health students’ realistic guide to maintaining mental health during the busiest time of the year, and some of the best resources Denison offers to its students to manage stress.

  • Whisler counseling services:

The student wellness center takes appointments daily for mental health counseling and  stress management resources for students. In a mental health emergency, the health center can be reached at 740-587-6200.

  • Campus Mental Health events: 

Before finals students can attend the Destress Fest where there are creative and soothing outlets for students to destress. This includes paws and relaxation, where service dogs come to campus for students to interact with. 

  • Find an outlet for stress: 

Finding an outlet for stress can help lower anxiety and stress levels while also improving well being. These outlets could include working out, being creative, hanging out with friends or taking even thirty minutes a day of relaxation time without homework. 

Pro-tip: A daily walk on the bike path through Granville is great for fresh air and clearing your mind. 

  • Allow yourself to take breaks and have fun: 

While working hard and studying intensely is key for finals season, it is also important to balance the work with things that are fun and make you happy. Don’t feel guilty taking breaks or enjoying some of your time at college. 

Pro-tip: College goes by fast and it’s equally important to soak every moment and experience in as it is to be academically successful.

  • Pick one thing a day to do for yourself: 

Set a goal to do one thing a day for yourself that makes you feel happy, and improves your mood. This will help you build in personal time to a busy schedule, as well as to boost your morale in what can be a stressful time.  

Pro-tip: Daily 10 minute meditations and guided podcasts are very restorative.

  • Take care of yourself: 

Maintaining physical health during finals can often improve mental health as well. It is important to sleep enough, eat nutritious foods and maintain physical activity. It always helps to feel your best and have the energy to maintain the workload at Denison. 

Pro-tip: Dress for success! Feeling put together and physically organized for class and exams can help you feel energized and ready to do your best. 

By Ariana Debevec
Ariana Debevec Peer Career Fellow: Healthcare and Clinical Research