First-Gen Spotlight: Ariana Alanis ’19!

Monday was National First-Gen Day of Celebration and we are spotlighting first-generation college student Denisonians all week! Ariana graduated in 2019 with a Spanish major and now works for Schuler Scholars outside of Chicago. As a Scholar Coach, she serves as an academic mentor, works individually with Scholars on executive skills and maintains comprehensive notes on her caseload of Scholars. She facilitates after school sessions that focus on academic success and personal development, and serves as the Spanish Speaking Coordinator and Selection Process Coordinator. Below are a few pieces of advice from Ariana–if you’re interested in more resources and opportunities for first-generation college students, check out our First Generation Identity Community!

What is one piece of advice you wish you would have received as a current student?

I wish someone would have emphasized the importance of exploring different career interests early on and how important it is to have summer internships! A summer internship your sophomore or junior year could turn into a full time offer when you graduate!

What is one takeaway you’ve gotten from your first few years as a professional?

Whatever it may be that you are pursuing, embody a growth mindset and seek out learning opportunities!

What other advice or encouragement would you like to give current first-gen students at Denison? 

Together as first-gen students we are building our own network of opportunities and that is something to celebrate! You are part of the first-gen network so continue to pursue your career interests because we need you!

By Anneke Mason
Anneke Mason Senior Associate Director - Career Pathways