Want to find research opportunities for the summer? Start here!

Howdy everyone,

As far as college goes, the classes we are taking currently are preparing ourselves for something after university, whether that is graduate school, medical school, law school, masters programs, fellowships, the workforce, etc. By the time the leaves start turning crisp red and orange and the anxiety of midterms rolls around, we start thinking to ourselves “I need to find something to do this summer!”

Do not fret.

Here are some quick tips and resources to get you started on your journey of finding research opportunities for the summer months!

1.) Denison Summer Scholars Program: If you have passion for a specific research topic or to continue doing research with a specific professor here at Denison, apply for this program! Denison Summer Scholars program not only provides on-campus housing but also an additional $4,300 for each student!

  • Note: This program also applies to off-campus research. For example, if you applied and got a research opportunity at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, applying for this program would be an advantage for you!

2.) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): This website is an incredible resource to navigate through when looking for a good opportunity this summer (especially an off-campus experience).

  • Note: The opportunities on the REU website are open to the rest of the undergraduates in the country, not just Denison students.

3.) Knowlton Connect: This is Knowlton’s new platform for career exploration and management! It is an amazing tool that helps students find research opportunities that fit their interests. There is not only research experiences but internships and job opportunities available on Knowlton Connect!

  • Note: Knowlton Connect is a lot like Handshake, as in, you can search for specific career fields and areas of interest.

These are only a few resources that will help guide you along your journey of finding summer research. Happy hunting!

By Taylor Adams
Taylor Adams Peer Career Fellow: Healthcare and Clinical Research