Peer Advice from Sam ’22

My name is Samantha Chase. I am a senior PPE major.

When looking back on my own career exploration process, I think about a lot of ways on how I could have improved my utilization of the Knowlton Center. I came into the career office at the end of my sophomore year after attending an informational session. I felt overwhelmed by all the material that I received and needed some grounding. My friend told me I had to see Leslie Hoover, so I booked an appointment. I cannot describe the positive impact that the Knowlton Center has had on me. The staff in this office are able to help in so many ways.

I wish I could tell my first year self to have these conversations earlier. There are so many resources available to anyone for any aspirations that you have. I hope that students are not nervous or afraid to reach out because discussing what you want to do after college is an intimidating conversation, but a necessary conversation. The earlier you are able to start building your understanding of what you should do to find your desired career path, the easier the process will be. I highly suggest starting the conversation as soon as you can!

By Samantha Chase
Samantha Chase Peer Coach