Peer Advice from Sarah

Hello everyone!😀

My name is Sarah Moon, and I am a senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics with a minor in Spanish. This year, I will be working as one of the Peer Coaches at the Knowlton Center to help my fellow Denisonians with their career searching process! Please come say hi 🙂

Since my first year at Denison, I have tried my best to utilize all of the on campus resources, including the Lisska Center and the Knowlton Center. As an international student, I knew how challenging the career exploration process would be, so I decided to jump into the process early by talking to the Knowlton Center staff. (It’s NEVER too early!!) I built my LinkedIn profile, Handshake profile as well as Wisr to reach out to as many employers as possible. However, despite starting early and putting a lot of effort into the process, I was not successful in landing on an internship easily. 

It was not until my sophomore year when I participated in the Sophomore Career Conference hosted by the Knowlton Center that I realized the importance of connecting and networking with Denison alumni. After talking about my interest in law and education, I was offered the opportunity to intern at a law firm by a Denison alumna. The internship experience not only strengthened my vision of becoming a lawyer but also widened my perspectives and outlook on the legal field.

Even with CPT and OPT, international students often encounter another challenge in career exploration and can feel discouraged from losing so many opportunities. I was one of them until my sophomore year when I finally got an internship to work with a law firm. There is nothing more disheartening than reading the “we do not hire international students” email right after submitting your job application. 

But please DO NOT give up! There is, and will always be a way for you to learn. Even if you do not get a job or internship right away, you will learn so much through the process, writing applications, polishing your resumes and interviewing. Whenever you feel discouraged or upset, take a moment and reflect on your experience. Think about how much you have accomplished and make sure to engage with the process. Seek out resources, whether that would be career support or emotional companionship.

Any more questions? Feel free to make an appointment with the Knowlton Center, and we would be happy to chat with you!

By Sarah Moon
Sarah Moon Peer Coach